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Employee Background

Conducting a background check is an important step to peace of mind so we recommend that you call our office so that we can discuss and formulate a plan that fits your needs. Once we collect all the necessary information and complete the background check we will provide you with a complete and detailed summarized report that is easy to read and understand.  Customer Service is very important to us. We listen to our customers needs and partner with them to ensure a high quality customer experience. 


Simple Check:

Ideal for verifying primary name, address history, sex offender registry, and criminal history. Our goal is to assist you with finding honest employees in order to insure business protection from losses. The simple background investigation is quick, affordable and we make every effort to send out reports within 24 hours. 

Comprehensive Check:

This background is of greater intensity due to more thorough checks. This plan begins with the simple check background and will include employment history, driving records, verification of training and references and so much more. A report to follow within 7-10 business days.  

Complete Plus Polygraph:

Call, or email our office if you require more information for any of these background checks. 

License Number: A11634001

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