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At Blueline Polygraph we understand that polygraph is a valuable tool for screening applicants or for obtaining the truth. Our main goal to our clients is to provide them with as much information that will assist them with choosing the right applicants or providing the client with the most truthful and helpful information. 


A polygraph examination is a test that collects and records physiological data from a person. The data that is recorded occurs when the examinee is presented with a stimuli (question). There are three systems in the human body that record during a polygraph examination.


Respiratory activity is recorded by placing one rubber tube across the examinee's chest and one across the examinee's stomach.


Electro-dermal activity is recorded by placing metal attachments to the index and ring fingers or gel electrode pads to the right hand palm areas.


Cardiovascular activity is collected and recorded by utilizing a blood pressure cuff that will be placed on the examinee's left arm.   

Polygraph Examinations that our office can help you with:

  • Pre-Employment: City, State, Federal Agencies

  • Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing: 

  • Internal Affairs: Chapter 614 of the Texas Government Code

  • Texas Board of Nursing Practice Act  

  • Law Enforcement: Criminal Cases

  • Attorney: Civil Matters, or Criminal Defense 

  • Infidelity Exams

Call, or email our office for more information.

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